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When people think about recycling ...

When people think about recycling, they think of aluminum and steel cans, glass and plastic, and newspapers. In fact, America’s most recycled product is none of these, asphalt pavements weigh more than all three of these major recycling products combined. Learn more about the green industry that paved America.


National Asphalt Pavement Assoc

PennDOT JMF Year 2019 Update

From PennDOT LTS November 19, 2018, the following Notification has been received:

Due to a supplier request, the ability to select JMF Year “2019” to begin inputting and submitting Bituminous and Concrete 2019 JMFs will be active as of Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

PennDOT JMF Year 2019 Update

SOL 481-18-01: Respirable Crystalline Silica Rule Specifications

The intent of this Strike-Off Letter is to implement revisions to Publication 408, Section 107.08 Occupational Safety and Health, specification for Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS).
The revisions will be incorporated into the next change to Pub 408, and are initially issued as a Standard Special Provision (a00045) Changes to Specifications: Section 107), with instructions that it be included in all projects let after March 1, 2018.

Hours-Of-Service Rules

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) has granted the National Asphalt Pavement Association’s (NAPA) application for certain exemptions to the agency’s Hours of Service (HoS) regulations. The exemption was published in the Federal Register, Jan. 26, 2018.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the Press Release

Asphalt Jobs

AsphaltJobs.com Centralizes Industry Job Searches

Now is the time to evaluate your workforce needs for the 2016 paving season. Visit www.AsphaltJobs.com to find the workers who can round out your team. It is the only site focused specifically on jobs in the asphalt pavement industry. Post a position listing and review résumés of jobseekers, or post a résumé and review job listings. Recently posted positions include an equipment mechanic in Texas, a QC supervisor in North Carolina, and a superintendent in Alaska.

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