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All of PennDOT's available Forms and Publications can be found and downloaded by clicking this link.

PennDOT Research and Innovation - Project Listings

In reviewing innovations for implementation into business practices, PennDOT evaluates how the product or process can maximize the department's return on research investments and advance its strategic goals and objectives. To view research projects underway or recently completed, CLICK HERE to follow the link.  

ACT 89 Funds

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation launched a website highlighting information about active and upcoming construction projects through 2026.

The website (www.projects.pennDOT.gov) includes explanatory schematics of past, present and future construction projects funded by Act 89, as well as projects that fall under the Four- and Twelve-Year Plans. Projects are searchable by county, PennDOT district and statewide. 

PWT Use Guidelines

Download here: Use Guidelines dated 3/22/2016 - supersede the previously issued MEMO, Use Guidelines for Percent Within Tolerance – Laboratory Testing Section (PWT-LTS) Standard Special Provision dated October 13, 2015.