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Framework for BMD Exec Summary RCW FY

NCHRP 20-07 Task 406 Final Report and Appendices

TechBrief - Testing for Fatigue Cracking in the Asphalt Mix Performance Tester






1:30 -

2:15 pm

The Need for a New Era of Asphalt Mix Design

  • Limitations of the Superpave mix design method
  • Refinements to the Superpave mix design method
  • Balanced mix design (BMD) definition and approaches
  • Overview of NCHRP project 20-07/Task 406



Randy West

2:15 -

2:25 pm

Performance Engineered Pavements for Safe, Durable, and Cost Effective Pavements



2:25 -

3:00 pm

BMD Survey of State DOTs and Asphalt Contractors

  • Current practices for mix design
  • Mixture performance tests
  • Quality assurance using performance tests
  • BMD implementation



Fan Yin




3:15 -

4:15 pm

Asphalt Mixture Performance Tests

  • Test background
  • Sample preparation
  • Equipment and operation
  • Test procedure
  • Data analysis



Randy West

4:15 -

4:45 pm

Draft AASHTO Standard Practice and Specification for BMD

  • Draft AASHTO standard practice
  • Draft AASHTO standard specification


Fan Yin

4:45 -

5:15 pm

Open Discussions (Mixture Performance Tests)

Randy West

Fan Yin

Day 2


8:00 -

8:50 am

BMD Knowledge Gaps and Research Needs

  • Recommended steps to move a test method to full implementation
  • Knowledge gaps for mixture performance tests
  • On-going research
  • Problem statements for research needs



Randy West


8:50 -

9:40 am

Mix Design Modifications to Improve Performance Results

  • Rutting resistance
  • Cracking resistance
  • Moisture susceptibility


Fan Yin



9:55 -

10:10 am

BMD Implementation and Partnership between Agency and Industry

  • Selection of mixture performance tests
  • Benchmarking existing mix designs
  • Performance criteria and pilot projects
  • Training and certifications



Randy West


10:10 -

10:45 am

BMD Case Studies and Ongoing Research

  • BMD case studies
  • NCAT Test Track BMD experiments
  • State research studies


Fan Yin


10:45 -

11:15 am

Performance Tests in Quality Assurance

  • Importance of timeliness of test results
  • Use of surrogate tests
  • Consideration of mix aging


Randy West

11:15 -

12:00 pm

Conclusions & Open Discussions (BMD Implementation)

Randy West

Fan Yin