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Constructing Quality Asphalt Pavements in Pennsylvania

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FHWA Tech Brief: Cold In-Place Recycling - Overview of Project Selection Guidelines for Cold In-place and Cold Central Plant Pavement Recycling.
This Technical Brief provides project selection guidelines for the cold recycling techniques of cold in-place and cold central plant recycling. The Tech Brief intends to aid the user in properly selecting candidate projects for using cold pavement recycling.

Following are publications and videotapes currently available in PAPA's library for borrowing purposes to our membership.

These and additional publications and videotapes are available through the National Pavement Association ( and the Asphalt Institute (

Asphalt Institute Publications


ES-2 Vibratory Compaction of Asphalt Paving Mixtures
ES-9 Factors Affecting Compaction
ES-10 Cause and Prevention of Stripping in Asphalt Pavements


IS-91 Full-Depth Asphalt Pavements for Parking Lots, Service Stations and Driveways
IS-96 How to Design Full-Depth Asphalt Pavements for Streets
IS-137 Hot Mix Asphalt for Quality Railroad and Transit Trackbeds
IS-139 A Simplified Method for The Design of Asphalt Overlays for Light to Medium Traffic Pavements
IS-147 Asphalt Pavement for Athletics and Recreation
IS-168 Tender Mixes: The Causes and Prevention
IS-169 A Pavement Rating System for Low-Volume Asphalt Roads
IS-174 Calculating Pavement Costs
IS-178 Alternatives in Pavement Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
IS-181 Asphalt Pavement Thickness Design--A Simplified and Abridged Version of the 1981 Edition of
The Asphalt Institute's Thickness Design Manual
IS-186 Asphalt Use in Water Environments
IS-200 Polymer-Modified Asphalt for the Paving Industry
IS-210 Procedures to Improve the Precision of HMA Volumetric Calculations


MS-1 Thickness Design Asphalt Pavements for Highways & Streets
MS-2 Mix Design Methods for Asphalt Concrete and Other Hot-Mix Types
MS-4 The Asphalt Handbook
MS-5 Introduction to Asphalt
MS-6 Asphalt Pocketbook of Useful Information
MS-10 Soils Manual for the Design of Asphalt Pavement Structures
MS-11 Thickness Design-Asphalt Pavements for Air Carrier Airports
MS-12 Asphalt in Hydraulics
MS-14 Asphalt Cold Mix Manual
MS-16 Asphalt in Pavement Maintenance
MS-17 Asphalt Overlays for Highways and Street Rehabilitation
MS-18 Sampling Asphalt Products for Specifications Compliance
MS-19 A Basic Asphalt Emulsion Manual
MS-20 Asphalt Hot-Mix Recycling
MS-21 Asphalt Cold-Mix Recycling
MS-22 Construction of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements
MS-23 Thickness Design-Asphalt Pavements for Heavy Wheel Loads


RR-82-2 Research and Development of The Asphalt Institute's Thickness Design Manual (MS-1) Ninth Edition
RR-83-1 Deflective Method for Designing Asphalt Concrete Overlays for Asphalt Pavements


SP-1 Performance Graded Asphalt Binder Specification and Testing


T-117 Segregation-Causes and Cures

NAPA Publications


IS-20 A Guide to Thickness Equivalencies for the Design of Asphalt Pavements
IS-21 Placing & Compacting Thick Lifts of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement
IS-52 The Fundamentals of the Operation & Maintenance of the Exhaust Gas System in a Hot Mix
Asphalt Facility
IS-75 Noise in and Around Asphalt Plants
IS-76 The Uniform Burner Rating Method for Aggregate Dryers
IS-84 Development of Marshall Procedures for Designing Asphalt Paving Mixtures
IS-86 Preventing Fires & Explosions in Hot Mix Asphalt Plants
IS-98 Cracking & Seating of PCC Pavements Prior to Overlaying with Hot Mix Asphalt
IS-101 Guidelines on Use of Baghouse Fines
IS-102 Making the Most of Temperature/Viscosity Characteristics
IS-107 Estimating User Costs of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation
IS-108 Testing and Evaluation of Large Stone Mixes Using Marshall Mix Design Procedures
IS-109 Design of HMA Pavements for Commercial, Industrial & Residential Applications
IS-110 Thin Hot Mix Asphalt Surfacings
IS-111 Pavement Smoothness
IS-112 The Effects of Testing & Production Procedures on Mix Design Results
IS-115 Open-Graded Friction Course
IS-117 Guidelines for Use of HMA Overlay to Rehabilitate PCC Pavements
IS-118 Guidelines for Materials, Production, and Placement of Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA)
IS-119 Hot Mix Asphalt for High Stress Applications
IS-120 Balancing Production Rates in Hot Mix Asphalt Operations
IS-121 Roller Operations for Quality
IS-123 Recycling Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements
IS-124 Field Management of Hot Mix Asphalt
IS-125 Paver Operations for Quality
IS-127 Evaluation of Baghouse Fines for Hot Mix Asphalt
IS-128 HMA Pavement Mix Type Selection Guide
IS-131 Porous Asphalt Pavements IS-183 Simplified Design Guide for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Railroad Trackbeds


  • Across the Country, HOT MIX ASPHALT Recycling Using RECLAIMED ASPHALT PAVEMENT Stretches Paving Budgets by at least 20%!
  • Applying IS-52: Performance Expectations from Your Facility (Training Aid Series 22)
  • Best Management Practices to Minimize Emissions During HMA Construction (Environmental Council 101)
  • Confined Spaces Program Guidance Manual for HMA Facilities (Health & Safety 14)
  • Employee Hazard Communication Guidebook
  • Lockout/Tagout Plan Guidance (Health & Safety 12)
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (Health & Safety 13)
  • Pavement Life Cycle Costing
  • Rolling and Compaction of Asphalt Pavement
  • Strategic Implementation Plan-Hot Mix Asphalt Research and Technology-A Commitment to the Future
  • Superpave Construction Guidelines (Special Report 180)
  • Truck Driving Techniques


QIP-97 Quality Control for HMA Operations
QIP-102 Effect of Baghouse Fines on Mixture Design Properties
QIP-106 Corrosion in HMA Manufacturing Facilities--A Status Report
QIP-107 Alternate Fuels for Hot Mix Asphalt Facilities
QIP-108 Tender Mixes: Probable Causes, Possible Remedies
QIP-110 HMA Segregation: Causes & Cures
QIP-111 Design of HMA for Heavy Duty Pavements
QIP-112 Hot Mix Asphalt Construction Reference for Quality HMA Pavements
QIP-114A Using Additives & Modifiers in HMA: Part A
QIP-115 Hot Mix Asphalt Joint Construction
QIP-117 Asphalt Treated Permeable Material--Its Evolution & Application
QIP-118 Cold Weather Compaction
QIP-119 Moisture Susceptibility of HMA Mixes: Identification of Problem and Recommended Solutions
QIP-120 Control of Baghouse Fines
QIP-121 Longitudinal Joints: Problems and Solutions
QIP-122 Designing and Constructing SMA Mixtures-State-of-the-Practice
QIP-123 Design, Construction & Performance of Heavy Duty Mixes


SR-165 Evaluating the Use of Waste Materials in Hot Mix Asphalt
SR-166 Evaluation of Stack Emissions form HMA Facility Operations
SR-178 Hot Mix Asphalt Research and Technology, A Commitment to the Future
SR-179 Uses of Waste Asphalt Shingles in HMA, State-of-the-Practice
SR-180 Superpave Construction Guidelines
SR-181 Report of Customer Oriented Highway Construction Workshop
SR-187 Recycling Practices for HMA

AASHTO Publications


T-117 Segregation-Cause and Cures System in a Hot Mix Asphalt Facility

PAPA Video Cassettes LIbrary

  • "Absolutely Asphalt"-Asphalt Pavement Alliance
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  • "America Paves the Way"-- © 2002 National Asphalt Pavement Association
    (Time: 11:22 min.)
  • "The Asphalt Advantage for Colorado Roadways"-© 2000 Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association
    (Time: ?)
  • "Asphalt Emulsion Spray Application"-The Asphalt Institute
    (Time: 23 min.)
  • "Asphalt Maintenance Techniques"-© 1993 Video University Productions, Inc.
    (Time: 75 min.)
  • "Asphalt Overlay Construction with One-Pass/Lane-Width Concrete Rubblization
    (Time: 20 min.)
  • "The Asphalt Pavement Analyzer"-Pavement Technology, Inc.,
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  • "Asphalt Permeability Test"-Lindy Paving, Inc.
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  • "Asphalt: The Quieter Pavement"-Michigan Asphalt Paving Assn./Asphalt Pavement Alliance
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  • "Building the Notched Wedge Joint"-© NAPA 1998,
    (Time: 7:55 min.)
  • "CSA Asphalt Rheometer"-TA Instruments
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  • "Flight for Your Future-How YOU Can Influence Transportation Funding"- Limelight Communications, Inc. Vienna, VA, December 1996
    (Time: ?)
  • "District 4-0, 2003 POC Projects"-Hanson Aggregates,
    (Time: 33 min.)
  • "Guide to Getting Smoother Pavement-Highways Fit for a King"- FHWA/Arizona DOT
    (Time: Contractor Version-16 min., State DOT Version-2l:45 min.)
  • "Fight for Your Future-How YOU Can Influence Transportation Funding"-Limelight Communications, Inc. Vienna, VA, December 1996
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  • "Handling Hot Mix Asphalt"--© 1994 NAPA, 2 copies
    (Time: 15:55 min.)
  • "Here's How a Hot Mix Plant Works"-© 1992 Video University Productions
    (Time: 55 min.)
  • "Hot Mix Asphalt Construction Promotional Video"--© 1993 NAPA, 3 copies
    (Time: 10:39 min.)
  • "How to Operate the Ames Automated Profilograph"
    (Time: ?)
  • "How to Prevent Segregation"-© 1992 Video University Productions
    (Time: 26 min.)
  • "Illinois DOT-Concrete Rubblization"-(See also "Rubblization of I-57 at Edgewood, IL, June-Aug. 1996)
    (Time: ?)
  • "NAPA Partners, 1997 Convention Video"-NAPA
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  • "The NCAT Story: Believe in the Future"-NAPA
    (Time: 9.55 min.)
  • "On the Move"-The Mon-Valley Expressway & Southern Beltway-William J. Green & Associates, January, 2000
    (Time: 10 min.)
  • "The Other Side of the Barrel"-1998 PHIA
    (Time: 8:53 min.)
  • "PAPA's 39th Annual Conference, Lego Asphalt Plant"
    (Time: ?)
  • "Parkway West - Surface Deterioration"- Lindy Paving, Inc.
    (Time: ?)
  • "Paving & Compaction Primer"-© 1999 How-2-Tek
    (Time: ?)
  • "Paving and Compaction Training"-© 1992 Video University Productions
    (Time: 1 hr., 43 min.)
  • "Paving Practices for Quality" Series-NAPA
    (Time: ?)
  • "Pollution Prevention"-Greenworks for Pennsylvania/PA DEP
    (Time: ?)
  • "Protecting our Pavements: Preventive Maintenance"-1) Federal Highway Administration/LTAP & 2) Federal Highway Administration/MichiganDOT
    (Time: 14:14 min.)
  • "Protecting our Pavements: Preventive Maintenance"-Koch Materials Co.
    (Time: 14:26 min.)
  • "Rehabilitation of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements Using Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays"-NAPA,
    (Time: 17:35 min.)
  • "Rubblization of I-57 at Edgewood, IL, June-Aug. 1996" (See also "Illinois DOT-Concrete Rubblization")
    (Time: ?)
  • "Schuylkill Expressway 1998--Where the Rubber Meets the Road"-Tony DePaul & Son,
    (Time: ?)
  • "SI Metric for Highways"-PennDOT,
    (Time: 20:35 min.)
  • "Solution: Asphalt"-Asphalt Institute,
    (Time: 4:15)
  • Stockpile Recovery to Minimize Segregation"-Federal Highway Administration
    (Time: 8 min.)
  • "Unclogging America's Arteries: Prescriptions for Healthier Highways"-American Highway Users Alliance, November, 1999
    (Time: ?)
  • "Understanding SUPERPAVE Mix Design"
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  • "Understanding the Vibratory Roller"-© 1995 NAPA,
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