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Deputy Secretary for Highway Administration, George W. McAuley Jr., P.E.

Asphalt Pavement Alliance Update, Amy Miller, P.E.

NCAT Asphalt Pavement Research Update, Randy West, PhD, P.E.

OSHA Silica Rule, Howard Marks, PhD, JD, MPH

FHWA Pavement Performance Measures - MAP 21, Tony L. Mento, P.E.

Asphalt Pavement Quality Awards

PWT Implementation & Next Steps - Steve Koser/Adam Ostinowski, PennDOT - Robert Lutz, AASHTO
Safety Committee Overview & Best Practices for Plant Safety, Dan Bauman, GO Hawbaker Moderator 
Long Life Asphalt Pavement Specification - Neal Fannin, PennDOT - Gary Hoffman, PAPA
Laboratory Materials Performance Testing - Eshan V. Dave Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
Innovation Showcase: Moisture Monitoring System for Asphalt Plants - Finch Troxler, Troxler - Mike Worden, Pennsy Supply 
Innovation Showcase: Axeon Stellarflex GTRH - Ron Corun, Axeon - Mark Moyer, New Enterprise Stone & Lime 

ThinLay- Research to Implementation, A New Tool for Pavement Preservation - Mansour Solaimanian P.h.D., P.E., NECEPT Director at Penn State University - Neal Fannin, PennDOT
Enhancing Pavement Durability Through Increased In Place Density & PennDOT FHWA Density Pilot Project Results - Greg Harder, Asphalt Institute - Neal Fannin, PennDOT
CAT Paver, Compactor & Planer Innovations - Todd Mansell, CAT
Safety Committee Overview, & Implementing the OSHA Silica Rule - PAPA Safety Committee & OSHA Representative

Anirban Basu - Economic Outlook - Sage Policy Group Inc.