2015 Regional Technical Meeting Presentations

Unless noted, these files are in PDF format. Click the title to view.

Session 1 2014 Summary Lot Payments

Session 2 Materials Usage

Session 3 Moisture Sensitivity Testing

Session 4 Bituminous Percent Within Tolerance PWT

Session 5 PA Turnpike Update

Session 6 Minimum Effective Asphalt Content

Session 7 eCAMMS

Session 8 Asphalt Materials Cracking Tests NCHRP 9-57

Session 8 Gmm Testing Checklist

Session 8 PennDOT Gmm Verification Program

Session 9 Pavement Warranty

Session 10 MSCR Multiple Stress Creep Recovery Test for Asphalt  Binders

Session 10 PennDOT MSCR Conversion

Session 11 Joint Density SSP

Session 12  Crumb Rubber